Climate Recon 2050: Resource library

Climate Recon 2050 provides a platform for dialogue and exchange on long-term climate strategies among experts from government and science. The insights generated during the project’s workshop and dialogue events, as well as the research conducted to inform the discussions are captured in the multiple publications produced within the framework of the project. The list below collects all the project’s publications. Written by experts from leading organisations in the field, this collection constitutes a rich resource on different aspects of long-term climate modelling and planning.

Overarching publications:

  1. Planning for 2050 – Summary of insights from Climate Recon 2050 project.
  2. Overview of National Long-Term Climate Strategies in the EU (last updated October 2019).

Briefing Notes on policy aspects.

  1. Briefing Note 1: 2050 Climate Strategies in EU Countries: State of Play
  2. Briefing Note 2: Articulating National Climate Governance in line with the EU Governance Regulation
  3. Briefing Note 3: The role and state of the art of independent expert institutions on climate

Technical Notes on modelling and long-term scenarios.

  1. Technical Note 1: Low-emission mobility & transport
  2. Technical Note 2: Topics of interest in context of modelling for 2050 long-term strategies in the EU and its Member States
  3. Technical Note 3: Transparency of Modelling
  4. Technical Note 4: Modelling at EU and MS level
  5. Technical Note 5: Developing policy-relevant narratives underlying long-term climate strategies
  6. Technical Note 6: Modelling net zero emissions
  7. Technical Note 7: Distributional impacts of long-term climate policies
  8. Technical Note 8: Energy sufficiency as part of climate action
Library of resources

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