Workshop: Policy-Maker Platform and the Technical Dialogue

From the unyielding international momentum to implement the Paris Agreement, to the countless benefits that are to be derived from being at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon economy, there is no shortage of factors to compel EU Member States to develop long-term climate strategies. However, developing cross-sectoral, and ambitious yet realistic plans looking more than 30 years into the future is no easy feat and all the stakeholders involved in developing such plans – from climate modelers to top-level decision-makers can benefit from knowledge and best practice exchange and opportunity to discuss experiences, challenges and lessons learned.

It is in this spirit of mutual learning and exchange that the first event of the Climate Recon 2050 project will bring together policymakers and technical experts from across Europe to Berlin to participate in two back-to-back workshops: the Policy-Maker Platform and the Technical Dialogue. While the first forum focuses on the experiences and challenges faced by governmental representatives, and the second provides space to exchange knowledge on development of decarbonisation scenarios, analytical approaches and results presentation, the participants of each forum are welcome to attend the meeting of the other one to communicate findings, information needs and exchange insights.

The two-day invitation-only event is due to take place in Berlin, on 10-11 April 2018. The first day will be dedicated to the Policy-Maker Platform meeting, and will bring together representatives from ministries and environmental agencies from Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France and Estonia and other EU countries. During the second day the Technical Dialogue debates will focus on the topics that are of interest to climate modelers and researchers.

PMP1 Agenda: 1st meeting of the Policy-Maker Platform TD1 Agenda: The first meeting of the Technical Dialogue
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Berlin, Germany
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Ecologic Institute
Ewa Iwaszuk