The second meeting of the Technical Dialogue

The second Technical Dialogue meeting under the Climate Recon 2050 project took place in the Polish capital Warsaw. Participants came from 22 different institutions including ministries, government agencies, research institutes, think tanks and universities, from 11 European countries. During the meeting topics were discussed that were identified as in-depth topics at the first meeting. The focus was on EU & Member State modelling, transparency of modelling and communication of results to policy makers. In addition to the thematic focus, the second session of the Technical Dialogue included a series of presentations on national experiences in 2050 modelling in the Member States, namely the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia, Portugal, Italy and France.

Technical DIalogue 1

Vicki Duscha from Fraunhofer ISI moderated the session on differences and role of modelling in member states and at the EU level. Based on a written input by Maria Rosa Virdis from ENEA, the participant's experiences with the two models PRIMES and POTENCIA applied at the EU level were discussed, as well as fundamental differences between modelling at EU and Member State level. The topic was supported by a presentation of Yves Marignac from Assocation négaWatt. He presented their ideas of bringing a Member State scenario to an EU level. The contributions and the results of the discussion will be summarised in a technical note on the topic.


Frauke Wiese from DTU Copenhagen presented ways and ideas of increasing transparency of modelling and gave an overview of the most important requirements, the advantages as well as the development and status in Europe. The presentation was supplemented by material from Maria Rosa Virdis from ENEA, that critically dealt with the topic. A lively discussion of how to increase transparency in modelling followed the introductory presentations. The contributions and results of the discussion will also be summarised in a technical note.


As a third topic, Judith Voss-Stemping from IDDRI moderated a session on how to communicate modelling results to policy makers. She presented insights from the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project on how to develop policy-relevant narratives, supplemented by technical note that participants received in advance. After that, Pedro Barata (Portugal, Get2C) presented on hands-on experiences on the development of national narratives of the 2050 carbon-neutrality goal in Portugal. In addition, inputs from Robert Jeszke (Poland), Giovanni Perella (Italy) and Levente Koczoh (Hungary) dealt with specific national experiences followed by discussions with the audience. A technical note will also be prepared for this topic.

Agenda: Technical Dialogue 2 Presentation: CZ 2050 Carbon Calculator (Danhelka, Czech Republic) Presentation: Modelling in the EU and MS (Duscha, Frauenhofer ISI) Presentation: LI Current state of long-term modelling (Lekavičius, Lithuanian Energy Institute) Presentation: Current state of 2050 modellin in Slovenia (Trstenjak, Jožef Stefan Institute) Presentation: Experience with the PRIMES and the JRC Potencia Models (Virdis, ENEA, Italy) Presentation: Difficulties and obstacles to full transparency of Models (Virdis, ENEA, Italy) Presentation: Carbon Neutrality 2050 Roadmap (Barata, Portugal) Presentation: Climate policy impacts: State of modelling in Poland (Jeszke, KOBiZE, Poland) Presentation: Communicating modelling results to policymakers Case of LIFE Climate CAKE PL project (Jeszke, KOBiZE, Poland) Presentation: Communication of results to policy makers: developing narratives (Koczóh, Ministry Innovation and Technology HU) Presentation: Current state of long-term modelling (Lekavicious, Lithuanian Energy Institute) Presentation: Towards an ambitions European energy transition strategy? (Marignac, négaWatt France) Presentation: Complete phase-out of coal-fired power in Italy (Perella, Ministry of Economics IT) Presentation: How to develop policy-relevant narratives: Insights from the DDPP project (Voss-Stemping, IDDRI) Presentation: Opening up energy system models -lessons learned and remaining challenges (Wiese, DTU)
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Warsaw, Poland