Conference: Charting a path towards climate neutrality in turbulent times

Tools and institutions that can support stable long-term climate policy

This hybrid expert conference was jointly organized by the Ariadne-Project and Climate Recon 2050. It discussed how stable long-term policy direction can be maintained despite uncertainties.

You can watch the recording of the conference on Youtube:

Event Recording

The EU’s toolbox on climate action has been significantly expanded since the adoption of the Paris Agreement: targets have been increased and the climate neutrality goal is legally binding. New planning processes have been started and new institutions created. And with FitFor55 the core policies are being updated. Many Member States have enacted their own framework climate laws to establish clear procedures for managing their own policy-making and established dedicated independent scientific advisory councils. At EU level, a new European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change has been formed to provide additional and independent input to the institutions on the green transition.

However, first the economic impacts of the pandemic and now the energy crisis triggered by both the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a particularly hot summer in Europe are creating a difficult environment, with a complex mixture of supportive and blocking impulses. Does the EU have the means to stay the course towards climate neutrality in such turbulent times?

This event discussed how stable long-term policy direction can be maintained despite uncertainties, and in this context will zoom into the role of long-term strategies and scientific climate advisory councils. To exchange views on these tools with each other and the audience, Climate Recon 2050 and ARIADNE have brought together several experienced practitioners.

Find further information about the event here. A more detailed on report on European climate long-term strategies can be found here.

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