Momentum on Long-Term Climate Strategies: where we are in Europe?

Achieving the Paris Agreement`s objectives requires a transformation of our economies in the space of a few decades. Existing policy structures and election cycles are not set up for taking such long-term perspective of conscious change. Long-term strategies, envisaged in Article 4.19 of the Paris Agreement, can be a useful instrument to create a coherent plan for the necessary transformation. They can be used to create awareness, engage stakeholders and chart a clear course towards the long-term goals – to help identify and activate the triggers to set the decarbonisation in motion.

In the EU, the development of such 2050 strategies has become a legal obligation on all Member States. Many countries have already engaged in such planning exercises and have gained a wealth of experience. This event aims to create a space to communicate some of the insights from long-term planning in individual EU countries and engage in an exchange with interested UNFCCC participants.


Agenda: Climate Recon 2050 - 12 Dec Side Event
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Room Pieniny, COP24
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